Immersive, Creative storytelling

I started writing as a music journalist in Yorkshire as a teenager, and developed my tone of voice further as a fashion media student at the University of the Arts in London. And it is these interests and a natural curiosity for the secrets of a place, that lead me like cobbles on the streets of my destination.

While I can write in a variety of styles: city guides for foodies, destination-focused listicles, first person stories, etc., I most like to find the hidden world amongst the monuments. For it's my belief that the striking silhouettes of grand palaces and the creative spirit of a place are equally important. As are the master chefs and underground mixologists of local neighbourhoods.

It is because those minor sights endure in the shadows of giants that they always hide the biggest, most alluring secrets. And it is these things that I look for when I travel and when I write.

Content Writing, editing, BEAUTIFYING

I can write your website and brochure content, taking your core idea, your message, and colouring it with a vivid sense of place. I use my personal experience as a travel writer and content creator to take your company brand and information and turn it into travel inspiration.

I can challenge your limitations by introducing you to new ideas, using my travel knowledge to spot flaws in your itineraries or simply to write the words that will act as guide for your clients. And I can act as your final set of eyes for your already written content. Editing, fine tuning and bringing boring words to life.